March 27 – clothing month – patterned tights

Mar 27

Today I’m giving away patterned tights.  First, let me say that only some women can wear these well and I am not among that small population.  The black and white ones were bought in a moment of panic and creative problem solving.  I was at work in old jeans (we were moving offices that day) and was invited last minute to a dinner event that night.  I ran to Winner’s, the closest apparel store to my old office, and bought a plain black Calvin Klein dress, big black belt and these tights, the only ones in the store in my size – honest.  I was wearing black boots and the dress was knee length so the only part that showed was the four inches around my knee.  I never wore them again.  I can’t remember why I came to possess the nude tights, I don’t think I ever wore them.  Not only are patterned tights challenging on your leg, the pattern feels like little razors on the soles of your feet by the end of the night.  I am committed to plain hosiery.

They’re going to my neighbour.  She gets away with patterned tights and looks great.


March 2 – Clothing Month – Oversize Sweater

Mar 2

Today I’m giving away this grey oversized sweater.  One of my sisters is wearing it in this picture.  I’ve given it to her.  It’s hard to tell from this picture but she’s quite tall, at least quite a bit taller than me.  The sweater looks really great on her and cozy, and the arms are long enough which is a challenge for tall people.  On me it didn’t work, it made me look like I was wearing Obi Wan Kenobi’s outerwear.  I bought it thinking it would be great for cold days when you just want to disappear into your sweater and then never wore it.  It will work for my sister and she was happy to get it.

Good thing, it’s freezing today.

March is clothing month.  I’m going to concentrate on clothes, accessories and outerwear every day in March (except Film Fridays).  I already have two weeks worth of stuff to give away, I may have to do it again in the fall.



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