March 4 – Clothing Month – hand made scarf

Mar 5


Today I’m giving away this hand “assembled” scarf.  My sisters and I try and go to the fabric sale at the Textile Museum every year.  They get rid of all kinds of great donated stuff and once they were selling a bag of these knitted ends.  One of my sisters bought the bag and then started making scarves out of them by sewing them together in interesting colour combinations.  She gave them away as Christmas presents that year.  I can’t remember where we were sewing but I remember I was with her when she put this one together.  I loved the beachy palatte, all sand and sea water shades.  But I don’t wear it anymore because it is very light and doesn’t keep you warm and I can’t wear scarves in warmer weather, too hot.

I had it in my clothing give away box, but the sister who made it saw it and took it back.  She wears a scarf every day, 365.

February 1 – Pinboard

Feb 1


Today I’m giving away this fabric covered pinboard or bulletin board. This was a failed craft project I made about 10 years ago, maybe longer. The fabric was a sample I got at the Textile Museum annual sale where you can get great small swatches of fabric (donated to the museum from fabric companies) for really cheap.  I slip covered all of the cottage furniture with samples from that sale (not this pattern).  The pinboard seemed like a good idea for my home office, but I found really quickly that the fabric creates tension against the pins so they slowly pull themselves out, you can tuck photos and things under the ribbon frame but it kind of looks messy and after a week of stuff falling off the board I put it in the basement.  It’s been there ever since.

I’m going to take the fabric and ribbons off of it and give the bulletin board underneath to my sister with kids.  All homes with kids can use an extra bulletin board, even if it’s for the basement.



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