March 15 – Clothing Month – Sheer white sweater

Mar 15


Today I’m giving away this sheer sweater.  It’s one of those garments you see tied around the shoulders of a windblown model walking down the beach with her paints rolled up to avoid the surf and a super cute, fit, laughing man with good hair at her side.  I never wore it.  I was really after the walk on the beach, not the sweater.  The colour looks a little funny in the picture, but it’s pristine, white, never been worn, in great shape. It’s in the New Circles box.

Why oh why, after 30 years in advertising, do I continue to fall for the illusion?

March 3 – Clothing Month – lace trimmed white T

Mar 3


Today I gave away this little v-necked T shirt with a black lace neck detail.  I had it in the New Circles bag but my cleaning lady took it for her church.  They distribute clothing to people in their congregation who need help.  Thats good with me.  I’m getting rid of clothes that I don’t think work for me.  This T is too short (I prefer longer and longer as time goes by).  I have a million white T’s and am giving several away.  Assume this counts for about 6 others, I won’t bore you with continuous white T posts.

Happy Sunday

February 21 – Magic Rollers

Feb 21


Today I’m giving away Magic Rollers – they have never been opened.  What can I say…my hair is my nemesis.  It is curly in some places but not all places, on some days but not all days, in some weather, at some altitudes and at some lengths.  It has a mind of its own and a curious knack for changing over the course of a day, depending on the weather, and how much I need it to behave. I’ve used these in the past to straighten my hair.  They kind of work, but to be honest, I just worry less about these things.  I’m putting them in the New Circles bag.  Let someone else worry about their hair.


January 20 – quartz necklace

Jan 20


Today I’m giving away this stone necklace made of champagne coloured quartz.  It’s really pretty.  I got it in New York several years ago when I went to celebrate a couple of friends who were winning a big award.  I remember that shopping day perfectly, is that wrong?  We were walking around in Soho, in and out of amazing stores and galleries, and this guy had a jewellery bench right on the street.  I had spent a fair bit already but it wasn’t expensive and I loved the colour.  Unfortunately, every time I’ve tried to wear it, I have to take it off and put it in my purse because it is so heavy it pulls on my neck and makes me feel like I’m  stooping.  I am going to give it away in the hopes that someone with a stronger neck can get some wear out of it.

It’s going to New Circles



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